We are working towards elf employed and employable india. We are experienced and have gone through the phase of being unemployed. We started to work 8 years back to figure out the needs of what is being wanted today from the students. We wanted to serve you the fullest meal that satisfy your job hunger.

No we don’t. That’s not our job. And, remember no one can get you a job anywhere. You can only be referred, which we don’t do generally. We work with you to understand your needs and connect with you to the resource. We make you know the wants, and guide you through the preparation. And, we do not spoon feed. We show the way.

Once you signup and upon confirmation of payment, your student record will be verified from our end. On successful verification, the welcome kit will be shared across email.

Student Registration (studentregistration.in) is a website for students to sign up and get access to our authorized units for skill development to discounts.

A Student studying in any college/institution can register here. The benefits are as follows,

  • Connect with experts
  • Know about Training Centres
  • Get courses at a discounted price at selective training centers
  • Know about events, conferences, workshop, presentation, etc
  • Know more about Jobs, Internship and Industrial Visits
  • You can save money at authorized dealer centres
  • Get Cashback, Coupons, Vouchers etc
  • Other benefits will updated on the go

Being a free member is, you don’t have to pay us for the services like, accessing training centers, knowing about events and jobs/internships. But, the services are limited. You will be not be considered for projects (real-time), expert networks etc.

Being a registered premium member, you have access to all the free (basic) membership features and access to work on real-time projects, may be get paid on certain works, and you will put across our expert network where you can learn, share and discuss.

Once you signup for premium subscription. You will recieve a welcome kit where the details regarding the projects and its working will be shared.

For the Welcome Kit, you can use the below URL to track your status.

Track my Order ->

For the email, if you haven’t received. Please send us an email to studentregistration@gmail.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

This page was last updated on 18 Jan 2020.